Women In Domaining: Lasting Connections- Growing In Number

WID Winners

Renée Dodge and Angela St. Julien, winner at Women In Domaining, NamesCon 2016.
Photo Courtesy of NamesCon

NamesCon is the perfect place to learn a lot of valuable information about the domain space and to meet new contacts and potentially build great partnerships– I think we all are aware of this fact. But, let me tell you something NamesCon is also great at- creating an environment and an atmosphere where you can start or strengthen friendships. It’s also a place where we can see the growth of our industry’s women.

I had the pleasure of attending NamesCon 2015 and 16, so I can say from personal experience that the number of women at the conference seems to have more then doubled in that time frame. For the past two years, Women In Domaining, (WID) has had it’s own dinner where the women in our space have the opportunity to meet one another and share some of their experiences.

While in the Women In Domaining Lounge last year (yes we had a lounge), I met a women that I’ve been steadily building a friendship with- Renée Dodge. At the time she was there representing GoDaddy’s Domain Buy Service. We later ended up chatting again at the WID dinner, where we learned more about each other’s work and personal goals. I guess our table was the lucky one because Renée and I both won prizes that night. After spending more time talking, we made a commitment to keep in touch throughout the year. We decided that we would continue to check on one another and our progress and support each other the best we could. Since that time, Renée and I chat with each other at least once every couple weeks. We pick up the phone for one another, and we’ve even made the effort to see each other a few times since we made that commitment. Heck we’ve suffered humidity hair together, 2 hour long traffic together and dipped our feet in the pacific ocean together- all while living states apart!

Renée and Angela in Fort Lauderdale at The Domain Conference 2016.

Angela and Renée at the Santa Monica Pier, Domain Startup Summit 2016.

I’d like to issue a challenge to the women attending NamesCon this year: lets try to reach out to at least one woman at WID and stick with her throughout the year. Let’s commit to checking on her regularly and supporting each other’s efforts. Let’s help build each other up so that we become even stronger in our gifts and talents and even larger in number in the coming years.


I can’t wait to see all of you in the coming days. If we haven’t met, please don’t hesitate to come over and introduce yourself. There is nothing I enjoy more than meeting new people!




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