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Hello, my name is Angela St. Julien. I started in the Domain Name Industry around the end of 2013, and since then, I have been working to find the niche that suits me– something we all have to decide. We might feel comfortable brokering domains, developing domains, or in some cases collecting domains. I’ve found my calling in a niche called Brandable.

I have visited a number of Brandable Marketplaces with the intent to list my own domains for sale to a potential end user. While doing my research into which marketplace I’d be comfortable with, I realized that it’s not really up to me at all. It’s mostly in the hands of the marketplace. You submit your domain and they decide if it is good enough to be listed with them.

Brand.bar large LogoThat led to more questions. How is that being determined? What are the factors that are used to decide if a domain is good enough? Is it the easy of which the domain might sell? Is it the length, the sound; or what happens in one’s imagination when they read the name? Then I stumbled upon numerous comments and threads on numerous forums asking the same questions. So I thought, if we all have the same questions and we’re all stuck wondering if our name has actual potential, or if it’s just a really bad name—why not work to answer it? Why not bring our brandable domains to a place where we can all cast our opinions?

That was my goal with Brand.bar. Here we all have a place where we can bring our brandable domains to get genuine feedback. We can take into consideration the domains length, its sound, its potential uses, its history, and we can share our vision with a logo. At Brand.bar, we all have a place to help each other, and can focus our efforts on creating an industry standard.

Here, the incentive is knowledge. I will try my best to provide information and opportunities to learn more about our Domain Name Industry as a whole. Knowledge provides us with the means to make better decisions about our domain investments and/or developments. If there is ever a subject matter within this industry that you would like to learn more about, send me a message. I will try my best to help.
So thank you for stopping in. Pull up a stool, and lend your expertise!


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