Nominations Open for the Domainer’s Choice Awards

The Domainer’s Choice Awards are back this year and the nomination period is now open.

These awards are to honor individuals and companies in our Domain Space who work tirelessly to bring quality services and expertise to the community. The individuals who are awarded are people who represent the industry with integrity and professionalism.

The nomination period began on the 15th of September and will continue until October 1st, giving you plenty of time to get your nominations in. The formal voting phase is set to be announced shortly after and will be handled by a third party firm- Awards Logo

Many of you know me well enough by now to know that I love people and I love learning. My nominations will come from my overall experience over that last two years. I have had the pleasure to meet a lot of great people and to learn a lot about the Domain Industry.

Before I tell you all some of the individuals and companies I’m nominating, I’d first like to thank someone who has helped me grow this past year in ways that I can’t even begin to enumerate. She has made herself ineligible for nominations to keep the process transparent for all- Donna Mahony. Thank you Donna, for letting me riddle you with questions and thanks for introducing me to some of the industry’s finest minds.

Domain Ambassador Award:

Richard Lau– Since I met Richard over a year ago, I have seen nothing but hard work, experienced nothing but honesty from him, and heard only admiration and sincere appreciation for who he is and what he does for the industry. Keep at it Richard, you’re doing great!

Industry Customer Service Rep:

My nomination must go to Drew Durbin over at Godaddy. Hands down! Drew has worked with me since December of last year and has spent a large amount of time teaching me the ins and outs of the Domain Aftermarket. There has never been a question too simple or too complex for Drew, and he has never made me feel like a nuisance. And trust me, I was a nuisance at times. Thanks for everything Drew!

Best Domain Financial Service:– After losing money a number of times trying to buy domains using Paypal, I decided to check out an escrow service, and I’m not disappointed in my choice. I sent a message to Mauli Fry over at, and she helped me get set up and I have had nothing but the best experience with my personal transactions and my small business transactions ever since. Thanks Mauli!

Best Independent Developer:

I chose to submit a N/A to this category, because the individual who did the initial development of the Charlotte Gilbert of Peach State Media, LLC, can’t accept nominations due to her work as the developer of the website for the Domainer’s Choice Awards. But if she could, I would absolutely nominate her. She took the ideas I had and turned them into reality and she also taught me how to build my own websites. Charlie, I haven’t yelled at my computer in months! Thanks!!

I won’t list all of my nominations because this post would go on and on, so I’ll wrap this up with a challenge. I challenge you all to give real thought and consideration to your nominations. Think about those who have made a positive impact to your journey here in the Domain Industry, and if there isn’t a category for them, send them a shot out in the comment section below.

To find out more about the Domainer’s Choice Awards or to make your own nominations, visit


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