HappyHour Chat: 2nd Annual NamesCon Response

This week, I had the pleasure of hosting the 2nd Annual NamesCon Response Chat. I was joined by returning guests, Richard Lau, Co-founder of NamesCon, Theo Develegas, Publisher of DomainGang, George Verdugo, CEO of Dot Media Brands, LLC and industry newcomer, David George, Mortgage Broker & Domainer. We were all able to share our feedback and takeaways from this year’s conference, and get the inside scoop on next year’s ticket release.

You’re going to read a lot over the next couple of weeks about different sessions and predictions that came out of NamesCon this year, but there is one takeaway I want to mention outside of that- the personal interactions. This year was the year of building relationships! There was never a moment when the meeting lounges, couches, and inflatable seats weren’t full. I am so proud of team NamesCon for creating an environment that allowed people to feel comfortable enough to get to know one another.

I challenge all of us to stay connected with at least three people you met at this year’s show. Continue to reach out and share updates and information. The pulse of this community does not lie within the computer, not matter what some might say- it is in the body of the people you meet throughout your years in the space. Getting together to brainstorm and educate the new arrivals to our community is what will bring it success for decades to come. Rock on Team NamesCon.

Watch or listen to the discussion below to hear the feedback from our guest. Take a moment to complete the survey NamesCon sent out in order to share your feedback and suggestions as well.  Btw, tickets for NamesCon 2017 are scheduled to be released Monday, Jan 25th, the first 100 registrants will get there ticket for only $199. Don’t miss it!


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  1. Angela, it was lovely to meet you at NamesCon. You’re a very warm and friendly person – just what Aussies like!

    So I will take up your challenge to stay connected to at least 3 new people I met – and you’re one of them!

    Regards, Ned

  2. Ned, thank you! I hope you enjoyed you visit to the States. We are definitely going to have to keep in touch.

    Next year, I’m going to make you some southern style sweet tea. There was none anywhere I went in Vegas.



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