My Sunday At NamesCon

Most of you know that NamesCon’s official start used to be on a Monday, but after so many attendees began to arrive on Saturday and early Sunday morning, it became apparent that Sunday would be a great day to add more networking and learning opportunities. So last year the Network Lane, and Topic Tables were added to the show, which allowed early arrivals to meet with some of the businesses they may otherwise miss throughout the week as some of those businesses are just getting started and may not have the time or resources to man an exhibit throughout the entire conference.

Network LaneThis year, both the Network Lane and the Topic Tables continued, but the the Topic Tables became sessions- considering all of the topics seemed to be popular last year and quickly out grew what was supposed to be a 10 seat table group. had the chance to be represented at the Network Lane where we met several newcomers to the domain space and have received many request for different topics and even guest speakers for upcoming shows. I’d like to extend a big thanks to Team NamesCon for offering me that opportunity!

Since I am a one woman team, I did split my time between chatting with people at my lane table and going to sessions. There was a full schedule of sessions, that began with a warm welcome from NamesCon Co-founder, Jothan Frakes, and continued on into the afternoon with a session on Responding to offers.

The information being shared at these sessions are invaluable and the speakers are dynamic and clearly passionate about what they do. These are the key ingredients for audience engagement and a successful session. The speakers are also willing to stand in for a few moments afterward to answer questions from anyone who wasn’t able to ask during the presentation. I applaud yesterday’s speakers and I can’t wait to see what Monday’s sessions have in store.

Check back with me later for an update!


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