My Impression Of The Domain Conference.

Myself and Ray Dillman Neu chatting about Startup Saturday.

Myself and Ray Dillman Neu chatting about Startup Saturday.

Hey there everyone! I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and a few insights I gained while away this past week at this year’s The Domain Conference. I’ll start by saying it was fantastic! For the record, it is very difficult for me to afford to travel for so many Domain Industry events, so when I do make a trip, I have very high expectations of what I’ll be able to learn and what experiences I’ll be able to take away with me to help me improve.conference-program

While I have been in this space for almost three years now, I still try to operate as if I just walked into this new “domain” yesterday. Why? My goal is to aide those who are just coming in- the new Domain Investors who are hoping that this new venture they’ve started will be the one that helps them build something of their own; something that affords them independence in some form or another.

Howard, Ray, and Barbara Neu after Ray's Police Academy Graduation, Tuesday evening, during The Domain Conference. Photo Compliments of Ron Jackson, Publisher of DN Journal.

Howard, Ray, and Barbara Neu after Ray’s Police Academy Graduation, Tuesday evening, during The Domain Conference. Photo Compliments of Ron Jackson, Publisher & Editor of

With all that being said- I want to tell you what I observed while being in Fort Lauderdale. First, I must say hats off to Barbara, Howard, and Ray! It is clear that you all work very hard to create an environment that is welcoming and open to everyone. Barbara spent the entire conference working to make sure every guest had what they needed, knew where to be, and were comfortable. They were easily accessible and active throughout the show and were highly aware of what was going on at all times.

As we all know, networking opportunities are one of the most important elements of events like these. If you want to take your business to the next level, its imperative to take the time to reach out and get to know other individuals and companies within the space. Many partnerships and great new ideas are formed while networking.

While in Fort Lauderdale, I ate some of the most amazing food I’ve ever had, and I’ll tell you what- I never dined alone. If you’re ever trying to think of an easy way to connect with someone, sitting down for a meal is the way to go! I shared breakfast, lunch, dinner, and several snacks with other attendees and in doing so, I was able to get to know so much about them and their goals and share more about mine as well. I hate to tease you all with pictures of food you can’t have at the moment, but I can’t miss an opportunity to share some of the great food I had. Check out the pics below. Btw, a little secret between you and me-  GoDaddy’s own, Joe Styler, knows how to find the best food, and ice cream too. Thanks Joe!


From Left to Right: Jebidiah Burnett (Rightside), Dan Shindler (Donuts), Stacy King (Amazon), Monte Cahn (RightoftheDot), and Moderator- Michael Cyger.

Before I wrap this post up, I want to discuss the content that was offered at this year’s show. Because there were so many different sessions, panels, and speakers, I won’t be able to mention them all- so I’ll just mention the ones that had the biggest impact on me as an attendee. I really enjoyed a session moderated by Michael Cyger, that included Stacy King of Amazon, Dan Shindler of Donuts, Jebidiah Burnett of Rightside and Monte Cahn of Right of the Dot, titled: How Will .Brands Affect The Market?

Many of you, like myself, have invested in some of the new gtld extensions and have probably been wondering when we’ll see more mainstream use among the public. Well, the members on this panel believed that once the companies who have invested in their .brands, start rolling them out, we’ll probably see more of an awareness and use by endusers. Stacy King couldn’t give us an exact date and time when Amazon will make the move to use their new .brands, but she did share a few that Amazon is preparing to us- .Kindle, .Fire, .Book, etc.


Colin Campbell, CEO Dot Club Registry, giving a talk on Paradigm Shifts.

Another notable session for me was Dot Club Registry’s CEO, Colin Campbell giving one of the most inspiring talks about Paradigm Shifts. Colin spoke of his personal journey as an entrepreneur- successes and failures, and how he made bold decisions that impacted his life and the lives of his employees through the years. He shared his key ingredients to success and why he believes that those of us who are brave enough could build successful businesses of our own and in some cases be even more successful then powerhouse fortune 500s.


From Left to Right: Larry Fischer, Dave Evanson (, George Hong (, Tessa Holcomb (, and Moderator- Braden Pollock.

Finally, a session that had a lot of discussion and good information was: Brokers: Do We Really Need Them? I believe the general consensus was that we do really need brokers. Those of us who have premium names, really understand the value of having a representative who knows the market and who knows how to reach out and find the right buyer for our domain name or portfolio. The question of trust came up when I asked what kind of credentials we should look for when we’re thinking of hiring a broker. There were many opinions floating around the room, so i’ll just share mine- If i’m looking for a broker, and I speak to one who is completely unknown to other brokers in the space, i’d be cautious. One tip given by the panel  was to to interview multiple brokers before making your decision.

There were many other sessions that I took an interest in, but it would take all day to recap them all. Be on the lookout for more posts from me later discussing those. For now, let me end my post by saying that I look forward to attending this event again next year if everything goes according to plan. In the meantime, thank you all for reading, and I’ll post again real soon!


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