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Brand.bar HappyHour Chat- Aug, 27th 4pm

If you’re interested in getting some insights from someone who is the embodiment of entrepreneurship,  look no further than this week’s guest- Warren Royal! Come join us as we discuss his journey in the business world and how he has sold some of the most recognizable brandable domains in the industry. Names like Politico.com, Tinder.com, Edible.com and more. He’ll also tell us how he built a powerhouse business with a domain he won at auction- Bobbleheads.com.

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Brand.bar’s HappyHour Chats are an interactive interview with a Domain Industry professional who can give us helpful insights and tips. Our audience has the opportunity to ask questions of our guest real-time. If you are interested in joining us for this discussion, email HappyHour@Brand.bar for the GoToMeeting link or visit the event on Facebook.


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