It’s That Time Again- NamesCon Here I Come!

Photo Courtesy of NamesCon

So I know that January represents the beginning of a new year, and that’s exciting, but what I really look forward to upon the arrival of January- is NamesCon baby!

Some of you have had the opportunity to experience a NamesCon conference, so you know exactly what it is that’s so exciting about it. For those of you who haven’t had the chance, first let me invite you to reach out to me immediately if you still want to go, but you don’t have a ticket. Reach out to me no later then Jan. 18th and I’ll help you out with a ticket at least. I only have two, so first come, first serve in all that…

Now– If you haven’t been, let me give you a little bit of details on what you can look forward to. First, the ball gets rolling on Sunday around noon with the Networking Lane. Here you’ll find a number of businesses who want to have a chance to speak to you about they’re services. Its the first day, so they’ll be excited and ready to give you their undivided attention. will be among them, so please stop by and have a chat with me. During this time there will also be a number of sessions that discuss valuable industry related topics like, Monetizing Geo-Targeted Domains, Tips On Selling Your Domains Through Auctions, What’s My Name Worth, and so much more. Later that evening there will be an opening reception. Bring your business cards, and a willingness to meet at least 3 people you’ve never seen before.

Photo Courtesy of NamesCon

After the “kick off” the conference will be in full swing. In my opinion there is no way to leave this event without a solid foundation/understanding of our Industry. Of course I’ll be floating around taking it all in, and perhaps I’ll stop you for a quick interview. Speaking of floating around, make sure to come grab me of something really exciting is happening- I don’t want to miss it! I should also mention that I’ll be among some of the industry’s other bloggers who’ll have a session on Wednesday afternoon that covers notable and exciting highlights of this year’s conference.

Well, I’m going to get going because I need to work through the Agendaits pretty full, so I should start planning my schedule. I hope to see you all pretty soon. Safe travels!


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