It’s Great To Have Registry Support!

Today there are many options when choosing the name of your business, because there has been a wide variety of new gtlds opened to the public. Of course, the popularity and longevity of the .com extension provides a certain level of recognition and trust to end users, so I don’t foresee it going anywhere– but if we intend to see these new gtld’s succeed, we must get them out there for public consumption. That is the only way to secure their future.

So when asked why I chose to start my new business venture using a new gtld, I share these factors:

  • When I thought of the name BrandBar, the .com equivalent was not available.
  • I didn’t know about .bar as an option, but someone within the Domain Industry informed me of its availability and the reasonable pricing.
  • The .bar extension was available, short, memorable, and made sense to me as an end user. (Yes, even if you are a Domain Investor, you are an enduser as well at some point.)

Up until the 27th of March, the day we launched the website, those were my only reasons.  Later that day, I  received an email from the .Bar Registry congratulating me on the launch, and they have continued to offer their support and are following my progress.

So I’d say that I’m adding one more reason to my list. Well, actually this would be a reason to continue building businesses using new gtld extensions—registry support such as this. It’s great to see the registry taking an interest in whats happening with their extension.

If a registry works hard to promote their extension and educate the public on it’s existence and potential benefits, they’ve increased their chance of success, and potentially added value to my investment.



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