HappyHour Chat: Short & Numeric Domains

This was the week for short & numeric domains over at the Brand.bar! We were joined my Giuseppe Graziano, founder and CEO of GGRG.com, a domain consulting company. Giuseppe specializes in short, liquid .com domain name acquisitions, and has successfully negotiated millions of dollars in domain transactions.

We learned valuable skills and techniques that will help when thinking about investing in 2 3 4 letter and numeric .com domains. Great 3 letter .coms may not be out of your price range, watch now to find out why.

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About Giuseppe:

Giuseppe GrazianoGiuseppe is the founder and CEO of GGRG.com, a Domain Consulting company. After living in 8 different cities across 3 continents, Giuseppe started his new venture in Lisbon, Portugal. Giuseppe speaks 5 languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese) and specializes in the acquisition and divestment of short, liquid .com domain names popular in the Chinese market, working closely with both domain investors and corporate clients. During his career, Giuseppe has worked with clients such as PokerStars, 888.com and Barracuda Networks, negotiating millions of dollars in domain transactions. Prior to founding Lisbon Media, Giuseppe worked as COO of Global Ventures, managing one of the largest portfolios in the industry; as International Director for VentureCamp, a Startup Accelerator, and finally as Director of Business Development for Europe at Domain Holdings. Giuseppe holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the LUISS University in Rome, Italy, and obtained his Masters in International Management from the Fudan University in Shanghai, China. A firm believer in continuous learning, his passions include writing, reading non fiction books and Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art.


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