HappyHour Chat: Ray Neu On Startup Saturday

Saturday, September 10th, 2016, marked the roll-out of Ray Neu, the  The Domain Conference COO’s new venture- Startup Saturday. Ray saw a need for an event that could reach local businesses outside of the domain space who need and want to gain a better understanding of how domains are being used to help connect with their audience. But these same business owners may not have the time or resources to spend a few days at a conference, or in some cases may not need all of the detailed sessions that are offered during an entire conference period.

Startup Saturday offered the opportunity for its attendees to gain insights and tools from experts on topics such as the Difference Between a Startup and a Small Business- (How can you have a small business develop a “Startup” mentality), Raising Money From VC’s vs. Angel Investors- both of the former were presented by domain industry  expert- Morgan Linton, Co-Founder of Fashion Metric, via video conference. There were lessons on How to Develop a Powerful Online Brand, featuring Brett Napoli, Founder & CEO of Ambition Insight, Domain Name Branding and Purchasing Tips, How to Pick the Best Business Partner, Using New Domain Ending for Startups and Entreprenuers with Jeff Sass, CMO at .CLUB and so much more.

You can Watch or Listen to the chat I had with Ray about Startup Saturday below:


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