HappyHour Chat (On The Road)- With GoDaddy

This week I cut my stay in Las Vegas for NamesCon a pinch short to head over to visit GoDaddy’s  Headquarters down in Tempe Arizona, and it was unbelievable. I was met by Cory Lodder, Premier Services Account Manager and Joe Styler, Aftermarket Product Manager. Both were excited to show me what GoDaddy has to offer them as employees, and Joe was happy to sit down to have a live chat with me as well.

Me with Cory Lodder (Left) and Joe Styler (Right)

Me with Cory Lodder (Left) and Joe Styler (Right)

I was given a tour of their Tempe headquarters as well as their offices up the road in Scottsdale. Joe, who has worked in both offices, showed me where they began- in one small building surrounded by others companies. Well, that didn’t last long, because GoDaddy has grown into a massive company and now has offices all over the world.

GoDaddy's Dog, Buddy, goes to local events and has his own office.

GoDaddy’s Dog, Buddy, goes to local events and has his own office.

There is a reason why they have so many people knocking on their doors, looking for work and its because their employees are very well taken care of. Their Tempe office includes a full basketball court, a lake to walk around, volleyball court, skateboard park… and that’s just the outdoors! The inside has cozy seating areas, employee lounges stocked with free coffee, teas, and beer. Yes- I said beer! They have bicycles, go carts, ping pong tables, a two story long slide that leads to the cafeteria that has a 5 star chef, and the thing that moved me the most; a Mother’s room for new moms. The company works hard to make sure their employees are happy and comfortable. Heck, even Buddy, GoDaddy’s dog who goes to local events, has his own office.

After my tour of both facilities, GoDaddy’s PR Department gave me full access and use of their Hangouts room for our HappyHour Chat and it was just amazing. The room is sound proofed with a large screen and automated cameras and lighting, perfect for any kind of on air show.

Joe and I discussed the history of Godaddy’s aftermarket department, the different types of services it offers, the launch of their new auctions app, GoDaddy Investors and so much more. Check out our discussion and some pictures from my tour below.





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