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Although I’ve been out sick for a few weeks, I couldn’t leave you all without something really value added to help with your Domain Investing. So, I sat down with Michael Gilmour, Founder of Park Logic, one evening to discuss that wonderful thing we’ve all heard of- making money with our domains/monetization.
Michael had an early start in the parking era and knows exactly what it was like to make money hand over fist, or as he likes to say- “picking gold nuggets off of the ground.” Well, we all know that making money in parking that easily these days is pretty much impossible, but there is still money to be made. We just have to get creative.
Before you watch this Chat why not take a moment to list the ways you’re making money with your domains. If you’ve been trying the same tactics for a long period of time with no results, than I think Michael would say its time for you to get creative!
Watch or listen below to find out more about Michael’s journey through monetization, this might be the boost you need to get started with new methods of your own.
Btw, if you want to talk more with Michael Gilmour on this subject, you’ll have the chance soon, because he will be at NamesCon 2017! If you’ve been planning to go to NamesCon and you don’t have your ticket yet, send me an email. Hope to see you all there!

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