HappyHour Chat: Halloween Special w/Richard Lau of NamesCon

Richard Lau, the Co-Founder of NamesCon, joined me in celebrating Brand.bar’s 2 Year Anniversary of our HappyHour Chats this week. Richard came dressed as one of the dedicated and approachable NamesCon team members, and I came dressed as Elphaba from the Broadway musical, Wicked or the “Witch of the West” to most of you.

Richard has worked hard to build NamesCon into the largest domain industry event, held in one of the most popular cities in the states. Along with the conference being successful at drawing a large crowd, it also excels at bringing some of the best in terms of  exhibitors and speakers.
While he wasn’t open to spoiling the surprise speakers he has up his sleeve this year, Richard was open to telling us about his planned chat with Tucows‘ CEO, Elliot Noss. One of his goals for the speakers this year is to have them share more about their personal journeys- the things that have shaped who they have become in their professional lives. I believe its clear that we’ll all be in for a treat with his discussion with Mr. Noss.
Watch or listen to our chat below to learn more details about the upcoming NamesCon this January.
There was a free NamesCon 2017 ticket up for grabs for whoever came to the show dressed in the best Halloween Costume. Thanks again to Richard for sponsoring our show and giving us the opportunity to give a chance to attend NamesCon to some of our audience. Since our audience at this week’s show either had the ticket already or were unable to wear their costume, the ticket is still available. So in the coming days, look forward to another opportunity to win!

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