HappyHour Chat: gTLDs- Who What When How & Why?

This week we welcomed Monte Cahn, Co-founder & President of Right of the Dot, LLC,  back for a discussion about gTLDS. As we see more new extensions become available and go through the renewal period, there is much to consider.

We asked Monte how best to make investment decision regarding the new gTLDs, with regard to marketing and promotion as well as renewals and drops. We learned more about the general purpose of the gTLDs, the time it may take for it to mature as in investment, and even how an enduser could introduce one to their existing customer base. Watch to learn more.


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About Monte:


Monte Cahn PictureMonte has been in working in the Domain Name Industry since 1995. He has founded and/or managed companies such as Moniker.com, Snapnames.com, and DomainSponsor.com. Currently, Monte is the Co-founder and President of Right of the Dot, LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in TLD strategies. Monte has helped many new and existing TLD’s of all types, have successful launches through registrar promotions, sales and auctions of premium domains. Some of his early successes include the sale of Wallstreet.com for over $1 million dollars, the first in industry history, and the sale of Autos.com- the industry’s first $2 million dollar plus domain name sale, in 1999. Click here, to learn more about Monte.


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