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Last week we sat down for a discussion on Domain Development with the Domain Queen herself, Charlotte Gilbert. Charlotte is the owner of the freelance web design studio, Peach State Media, LLC. For those of you who aren’t aware Charlotte is the web developer who is responsible for the successful build of the Brand.bar. After attempting to get it done twice before, I finally managed to find Charlotte, and she was able to take my ideas and turn them into reality.

I posed this question to you all before- Are you looking at a domain you own right now, and thinking about developing it? Charlotte and I discussed what kinds of domains have development potential, and what you should consider when deciding if you’re going to develop it into a website that has value.

Education and experience can make the difference between you building your own website using platforms like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, but it can also make a difference when you’re hiring a web developer to build it for you. We discussed some of the skills and qualifications you’d want your web developer to have to build you a quality website. Watch or listen below to find out the most important elements needed to build a great website, or in Charlotte and my case, the important ingredients to a web development “layer cake.”

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