Let’s Get To Know About the 8th Domaining Europe.

Domaining Europe’s 8th Show is coming up the 29th-31st of May

Have you been thinking about attending Domaining Europe this year? If so, you’re going to be excited to read the valuable information I was able to get from Dietmar Stefitz, the conference’s founder. If you’re undecided, don’t wait to long because you’ve got some travel arrangements to make. But first stop, a conference ticket! Click HERE to take advantage of Dietmar’s generous 50% off offer.

Dietmar, first tell us a little about yourself:
I was born in a Small town in Austria which is called Dornbirn, and lies embedded between Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany. Maybe from there I have the urge for International contacts. 30 years ago I moved to Valencia in Spain and started working in 1995 in various Internet projects and founded Bemarnet, which was the first ISP in Valencia. In 2010 I sold Bemarnet and dedicated my time to Domaining and organizing Domain events.Dietmar

Can you tell us about Domaining Europe and the Impact its had on the European Market?
In 2008 a few Domainers met at a Beach location in Valencia for a first time and this has been the start of Domaining Europe . See www.Domaining.es for an archive. Since than the event has been hold yearly in Valencia and converted to the biggest Domainers Conference in Europe these days. Talking about such a big value, like impact is difficult to measure, but I can just tell you, that through Domaining Europe many people from many countries met the first time, made contacts and started making Business, or cooperated in projects. Networking is one of the most important aspects of Domaining Europe.

I’ve noticed you’ve changed the location of the show this year. What brought on this change?
Many attendees have approached me to move the event to other European locations. So I took this wish, and started with The Netherlands. I choose date and place to combine it with a Makro Conference called TheNextWeb, where thousands of Startups and Investors will be present, and hopefully some of them are coming also to our event.

Can you give us some information about the new venue?
I found this venue with the help of Hennie Lipman, which has visited Domaining Europe in Valencia already a few times with his wife Anja and as a Domainer knows what we need for a Domainer’s conference. When you come the Amrath Kurhaus you will be thrown back in History, and will enjoy one of the Best Hotels in The Netherlands, located at the Beach of The Hague, in Scheveningen. It is explained like this on the Webiste:

 Is there anything better than waking up at the seaside, with its fresh breeze, the murmur of waves, and the salty scent of the sea? Here at the Kurhaus Scheveningen, we specialize in relaxed sophistication; soak in the gorgeous atmosphere at the Kurzaal,  or simply enjoy a glass of wine. Our friendly service and reasonable prices will have you planning your next trip to The Hague as soon as you return home.
Marlene Dietrich, Helmut Kohl, Winston Churchill, Leonard Bernstein o Binyamin Netanyahu. Jan Toorop, Jacob Maris o Jozef Israëls. The Rolling Stones have visited us in the past. So I think you are in good companionship.

We have negotiated a special room price of 125 €
which includes Breakfast and Free WIFI

What is your focus or theme for this year’s event?
This year we divided the conference in two parts. Monday is DOTCOM day, Sponsored from Verisign. Tuesday is NOTCOM day, If someone from the new Registres wants to Sponsor this day, it’s still available.
On Sunday there will be a possibility for one to one meetings at the Hotel.

Are you excited about the speakers this year?
We have great Speakers, this year, which will be moderated from Braden Pollock! Just to mention a few, there will be Ingrid Baele, which is Vice-President at Philips, and will tell us why they applied for their New GTLD and how they are going to use it. Michael Gilmour is coming all the way from Australia to tell us more about Monetization and Domain Portfolio Management. We will have Joe Styler from Godaddy, and a prominent Presentation from Verisign.
Paul Keating has confirmed again his participation in the field of legal Issues. In total we are going to have over 20 Speakers from various fields of the Domain Industry.

What can you tell us about the agenda?
The Agenda will be available at the Website www.DomainingEurope.com/agenda soon.
Sundays we are having a pure Networking day and ono-to-one meetings in the Hotel. Monday we are going to start at 8AM and finish the panels at 6 PM, afterwards we have a Gala Dinner sponsored from Verisign at 8PM. Tuesday we start again at 8Am with NOTCOM Day and finish these sessions at 4PM. At 5 PM to 10 PM we are going to have an Auction together with Undeveloped.com.

What would you like to see happen for Domaining Europe and its Attendees this year?
This year is the Beginning of a new version of DomainingEurope.com which will be moved across Europe now every year to another location… This does not make it easier for the Organizers, but a lot more attractive to attendees, as there will be always new faces to see, depending in which country we are going to be. This year we are going to have a great audience from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom as they are very near and easy to reach, even buy car. There are 2 Airports nearby, which is Amsterdam and Rotterdam, both are about 30 minutes from the venue!

Are there any surprises in store?
The surprise this year is THE AUCTION!
On Tuedsay 31st of May at 5PM we are closing an auction of the 150 best available Domains in Europe.
See the press Release from our partner undeveloped.com here http://www.d-e.com.es/release-auction.pdf Undeveloped.com is working with EndUsers of Domains, like SME’s, Marketing Agencies,
SEO’s, etc. and this will bring many Newcomers to the auction and the conference by itself. If anyone wants to send us Domains for auction, please go to d-e.auction

I wish to all attendees, Speakers, Sponsors a very successful Domaining Europe 2016. I will do everything, to make you feel at Home at the event. You can always reach out directly to me at info@domainingEurope.com.

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