10 Tips For Networking At NamesCon

As we all start making preparations to head down to NamesCon at the end of the week, we’re probably all thinking about networking. That is what conferences like these are for, right? -Getting to know people in your industry. -Making new business contacts. Well, I’m no expert on networking. But… I am really good at getting out there and meeting new people. Networking comes naturally to some, while others tend to struggle when entering a crowd of new people.

Because I’m not an expert, I decided to ask an expert. That is what I’m known for — asking the questions of the veterans/experts and getting an answer that will help move the ball forward for us. Take a look at the answer given below by renowned author and speaker, Christopher Barrat:

When I went to NamesCon for the first time, I met several members of the domaining community that I had only ever seen online, or read and replied to blogs or comments. As intimidating as it seemed, I already had a starting point. I let them know who I was and that I had been reading their blog and started a discussion about one that most intrigued me. The conversation flowed easily from there.

In this instance, my example would be meeting members of forums I belong to, face to face, for the first time. I know them and they know me from conversations in threads or chats, but we had never actually had a “handshake meeting.” It is true that you’ll have to work to establish trust because a person’s online persona can be entirely different then who they are in person. I’d recommend being yourself at all times, rather it be online or in person.

Learn more from Christopher Barrat by watching his “Successful Networking- the ultimate guide,” TedTalk.

Here are my 10 Tips for Interacting & Networking at NamesCon:

1.) Be Prepared– Even though we’re living in a digital era, it is still imperative to bring your business cards. When people leave the conference, they go through the business cards they’ve collected and follow up with their new connections.

2.) Be Willing To Be A Little Uncomfortable– A willingness to put yourself in a crowded room full of strangers is the first step to getting out there and meeting new people.

3.) Know Who You Are And What You Bring To The Table– As star struck as we all can be when we meet who some would call, “industry stars” or “industry titans,” it is important to note that like you, they are human and like you, they were once totally new to everyone in the room.

4.) Step Up– Don’t just wait for someone to approach you, its okay to step up to an individual or a group and introduce yourself.

5.) Be Willing To Help Others– We come to networking events prepared to make connections for ourselves and our business, but its important to understand that one of the most lasting forms of networking is the willingness to share your time and expertise with others.

6.) Visit Every Exhibitor– While you may come with a designated list of exhibitors you wish to speak with, try to spend time at every booth. It’s ambitious, I know, but it’s important to learn as much as you can about your industry and a part of that is knowing the services being offered and the people who provide them.

7.) Ask Questions– At NamesCon, there are a lot of sessions/seminars created to teach us key information that can directly impact your business and our community. If you have a question, be bold, ask it! Otherwise, you’ll leave without having what you may need to make the best decisions for your business.

8.) Never Dine Alone– Some of us like to be able to sit down for a quiet meal, but a conference is not the place for this. With over 1,400 people in attendance, there is never a reason to dine alone. Share a meal with a new contact or with someone you’re trying to build a foundation with.

9.) Have Fun– There is no rule that says you can’t have fun while you are networking! In fact, NamesCon has purposefully created events and games that allow you to interact with fellow attendees while having fun. Just ask DomainGang publisher, Theo Develegas about our game of pool last year!

10.) Follow Up– When you leave the conference, you should have a large stack of business cards, and you’ll probably receive emails from exhibitors and people you spoke with during the event. Respond to those emails if you can. Reach out to the new contacts you made and let them know how much you enjoyed meeting them, and if they’re in your area, see if you can schedule another opportunity to meet.

I can’t wait to see you all at NamesCon. If you see me around, please don’t hesitate to stop me and say hello. Or I may be the one stepping up. 😉 Safe Travels!



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